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How to create pdf from multiple files using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

by Vimal Kumar

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is part of allocation tools and web services developed by Adobe Inc. It helps the users to view, create, manipulate, print, sign, annotate and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF). To convert any file type to PDF, Acrobat is adequately capable.  It can convert Microsoft Office documents, email, Web pages, Content copied on the clipboard, AutoCAD files, Adobe Photoshop, PostScript and EPS files, 3D files, etc.

In order t begin with the process, first, select “Create PDF” tool in the Tools Centre.

Convert PDF from Multiple Files

By default, the “Single File” PDF creation option is selected. In order opt for conversion from multiple files, select “Multiple Files” from the option.

PDF conversion option from multiple files have primarily 3 options:

Combined Files—It converts multiple files into one PDF file regardless of file type(AutoCAD, excel sheet, and PowerPoint slides, etc). This option converts all files into one PDF. To accomplish the task, keep the “Combine Files” selected and click the “Next” button. It will open a new window that will offer the option to either add files. Files of different types can be dropped in the Window.  Once the relevant files are added, please select the “Combine” button. It may take 25-40 seconds to get the process completed. Once files are combined, the combined file will open in the document tab with the file name “Binder 1”. It can be renamed and saved a designated folder. Alternatively, a combined PDF can be deleted by just not saving it.

Create Multiple PDF Files—This option converts multiple files in one go; however, each file remains as an individual PDF. Imagine a user has 20 Auto CAD files, all can be converted with just one click in 20 different PDFs. To accomplish the task, select “Create Multiple PDF Files”. Press the “Next” button and drop the files to be converted into PDF. After dropping the files, these can be removed deleted, and adjusted. Once files are dropped, press “OK”. Acrobat will open another dialog box asking about the target folder of the converted files. Users can select “the same Folder selected at start” or “folder on my computer”. In the latter case, a user is asked to define the location where converted file/s are to be saved.

Also, Acrobat offer an option to have same name as original file or name of converted PDF can be changed as per user’s preference. The user may choose “Keep original file names” or “Add original file names” in “File naming option”. Once “Target folder” and “File naming” is set, press “OK”. It may take 25-40 seconds to get the process completed. Users have option to save and discard the converted PDF.

Create PDF Portfolio— It helps to aggregate and organize multiple types of files in a PDF package. It is similar to the “Combined Files” option except for one key difference. Here different file types can be combined as a portfolio; however, each file is not converted to PDF but remain the same in its original file type. To accomplish the task, select “Create PDF Portfolio” and press the “Next” button. Acrobat will open a new window that will ask the user to add files of any type. It can be dopped using the drag and drop option. Once files are dropped, press the “Create” button. It may take 25-40 seconds to get the process completed. User can see in the document view with a file name “Portfolio 1”. Those files can be seen in the created portfolio. A newly created portfolio can be saved and discarded as per the user’s preference.

Video Lesson

The following video lesson, titled “Quick overview of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC,” shows you how to create a PDF from a file in Acrobat Pro DC. This video lesson is from our complete Acrobat tutorial.

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