Is time really money?

Is time really money?

Last Thursday, my wife fought another pinkish battle with least efforts. You may be right, still, I feel morally bound to make clear that she is, of course, a female and so has the innate feminine shopping instincts. She has been arduously trying to find a suitable pink, cyan and green dress for upcoming celebrations, which happened to be preconditioned with some dress code and appear more like sponsored merchandise events.

In garlanding her instincts; I have even forgotten to mention that she is looking for maternity dresses as well. Believe, when both situations confluence, renting a room in a shopping mall would be the best and probably cost-effective idea. I often accompany her and my consciousness and conscience bleed and burn in soothing light of shopping malls. With multiple burning incidents; mercy prevailed upon me and my time.

After the third attempt, which appeared to be genuine in her dishonest eyes; she came home disheartened again. She did not manage to buy even a single cloth. She sat on the sofa and kept on sinking in, but certainly not in her thoughts. She was expecting me to cuddle her and empathise with her great cause. On the other side of the sofa; I was sitting upright, recollecting all moralistic philosophy for another round of preaching. However, with some inner-conflict, I decided to let the ego of being philosophical subside and let her meander in her own way.

I sat beside her after minute-hand of the watch completed almost a rotation. Her tiredness evaporated and excitement pumped in. She cranked the talking engine slowly and, in few seconds, it started humming. She unravelled the stories. I have understood that she liked many but did not buy due to excessive prices. My ego inflated itself and started cursing me that due to your inability to afford enough; she did not buy anything though she liked many.

My intellectual brain cautioned me that you are watering the seed of blame-game. Since finger was pointed towards me; without adding any spices or honey; I have requested to buy without any such generous thoughts and even expressed my willingness to sign a memorandum of understanding to avoid such and similar incidents in future. Certainly, no husband can afford to be indulged in a bloody battle of blame-game and think of playing with fire and fury. I have also tried to calm down the situation. However, often water as a pacifier; break into hydrogen and oxygen to fuel and fire the earthly game to heavenly level. As the time progressed; voice became louder, metal’s clanking became noisier, and stomach became hungrier with no end in sight.

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Next morning; when fume almost subsided and my ego little deflated; I humbly and nimbly asked, “What the price was?” She brought me through the pictures of monumental clothes with multiple types of selfies in between and simultaneously her brain started oozing out prices. Finally; she generously and graciously agreed to visit again and buy the clothes.

I always get overwhelmed with her imaginative power and abilities to remember the price of garments up to few digits after decimal; but certainly, she ignored the value of precious time, which has been butchered to quench the thirst of uncontrolled emotional urge. She utilised her precious brain power to remember the prices. However; there was not even a single thought to understand the value of her time.

Here, my one finger is pointing towards my spouse and simultaneously three fingers, including the longest one, are pointed towards her spouse. Certainly, we all commit the delinquency of trashing our time and own existential resource in a dustbin. Sometimes, we don’t realise to treat time as a resource even. Despite; beholding most intelligent brain among animal kingdom; why do we think and do so? Are we fool, ignorant or too much caring about others?

We are often immersed in the notion that; we have the perennial flow of time. Today, we have 24 hours and again quantum of 24 hours will be queuing to embrace us. It may appear to be right but neither always and nor for everyone. Further, in reality, every second comes in our life with a purpose and should always be used in pursuit of excellence.

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There is nothing more cuddling than the time and simultaneously; there could be nothing more ruthless. Often, it allows us to relax but sometimes, it asks us open-ended questions and merely gets convinced with any answers. Time is like bricks and being an architect of our own building; it’s our duty to arrange it passionately. Our existential palace is solely dependent upon usage of our time in the past. Arranging bricks in regular fashion will always cuddle us. Else, the wrath of its ruthlessness is inevitable.

There are no and not at all straight way to make ourselves accustomed to use our time properly. We may be recommended to read self-help books. We may be recommended to maintain a log, maintain a calendar, plan our year, month, and days in advance. We may be recommended to use all powerful applications in our omniscient device to remind us to go little away from gluing to social media’s feed and sneak into a book. We may be also recommended to pour Pareto Charts intermittently in our eyes and humming the hymn of 80/20 principles. However, these are merely secondary ways and often clamour and pass like howling winds around our instinctive mountain. We are creative species and become extremely creative, whenever we have to fool ourselves. Unless substantiated with primary solutions, we find suitable anecdotes for any or all secondary ways.

Primary solution for every question lies within, so looking inwards, introspecting our thoughts and acting judiciously without mixing even a tinge of creativity. Ask open-ended questions to each originated thoughts and find a convincing reasoning until either our brain ache or quest hit the ground bottom. Important of all; It is to be done on regular basis and while practising, let’s keep the omniscient device away. If done carefully; we find numerous gems and one out of many would be the gift to understand our self and our time as a resource.

Let’s have brainstorming thoughts and hope, gems will embrace us soon.

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